Student Profiles

  • Euan Lodge – The Grangefield Academy

    One of the reasons I chose Stockton Sixth Form was because it was so close to where I live. I’m really enjoying studying subjects in more depth with the expertise of knowledgeable staff.


  • Hugh Davis – All Saints

    Stockton Sixth Form is a very close community where you can go and talk to anyone. I feel really comfortable here.


  • Martin Stoves – Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

    After starting the college late I have been well supported by all staff to catch up in my studies and I now feel that I am reaching my full potential.

  • Connor Watt

    I came to Stockton because I wanted a fresh start. I like the freedom of being in a College environment and it has given me the opportunity to meet new people.

  • Reina Uy – Our Lady and St Bede Catholic Academy

    I decided to study at Stockton Sixth Form because of the good results that the students got in previous years and the nice atmosphere the place has. I enjoy the encouragement and support from the fellow teachers and students at this college.

  • Joshua Hart – Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth

    I came to Stockton because of the wide range of courses. I wanted an environment where I had more independence and which would prepare me well for University. I have not been disappointed!

  • Maryam Ali – Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

    My main reason for coming to Stockton was the friendly and supportive relationship that the teachers had with their students. They are approachable and always willing to offer their time to help.

  • Ashley Parker

    Stockton Sixth Form has given me a great insight into different career lines which I may want to study further, either at university or through apprenticeships.

  • Callum Russell – Our Lady and St Bede Catholic Academy

    All of my teachers always go the extra mile to help and encourage and I would certainly recommend these courses to anyone who is thinking of coming to Stockton.

  • Jessica Howard – Our Lady and St Bede Catholic Academy

    I am very grateful for what Stockton Sixth Form College and the teachers here have provided for me since I joined in September, I am now confident in what I would like to do with my future once I leave.