Student Profiles

  • Stephanie Schiller – Northfield School

    Studying: History, Performing Arts – Drama & Psychology

    “Stockton Sixth Form was the best choice for me, it had a nice environment, all the students and staff were friendly, and it was the place that appealed to me the most for further education – it’s the best choice I have ever made”

  • Nicole Parker – Conyers School

    Studying: Economics, English Literature & Sociology

    “I decided to make a leap, step out of my comfort zone of my 5-year academic home of Conyers, and come to a college with over a 99% A Level pass rate. I knew Stockton Sixth Form would give me all I needed, and more, to achieve my full potential; I’m yet to be proven wrong .”


  • Niamh Riley – Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

    Studying: History, Law & Performing Arts – Drama

    “The college is a very welcoming place and offered the type of courses which I wanted to study.  Since starting at Stockton Sixth Form it has helped me become more: confident, independent and responsible for my education. The staff are there for your help and guidance.”

  • Caitlin Hoare – North Shore Academy

    Studying: English Literature, Media Studies & Psychology

    “For me, Stockton Sixth Form was a chance for a fresh start. I chose courses I knew I’d enjoy and that is something to Consider when choosing, it’s going to make things easier in the long run.”

  • Amir Davies – Our Lady & St. Bede Catholic Academy

    Studying: Further Mathematics, Mathematics & Physics

    “The level of academic support and dedication from teachers is incomparable to any other college in the area; I feel confident that my full potential is being explored here.”

  • Christine Uchendu – English Martyrs School

    Studying: Art & Design, Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics

    “I chose to come to Stockton Sixth Form because the idea of a Friday free to: catch up on work, do some extracurricular activities and seek help from teachers was really appealing to me. Another thing I like about this sixth form in particular is how small it is. Everyone knows everyone, including the teachers. Teachers get the opportunity to know us students more personally and this makes them much more effective in their teaching, as well as making them much more approachable when seeking any kind of advice or assistance.”

  • Sukhdeep Aulakh – Acklam Grange School

    Studying: Biology, Mathematics & Physics

    “I chose Stockton Sixth Form as the learning environment is excellent and the staff are always willing to help.”

  • Finola Barron – Our Lady & St. Bede Catholic Academy

    Studying: Geography, Psychology & Spanish

    “I chose to study at Stockton Sixth Form because it is a local college with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere amongst both staff and students.”

  • Hana Akhtar – Macmillan Academy

    Studying: Biology,  Chemistry & Psychology

    “I have found everyone at Stockton Sixth Form to be incredibly warming and supportive. The quality of teaching is excellent. Stockton Sixth Form is a great place for you to excel and reach your potential. “

  • Aleeyah Mahmood – Ian Ramsey Church of England Academy

    Studying: Health & Social Care, Religious Studies & Sport Studies

    “I chose to come to Stockton Sixth Form as I knew that it would have all the opportunities that I could take which would complement me in pursuing my future career. I am enjoying my current studies as my subject teachers help me to reach my potential.”