Entry Requirements

At Stockton Sixth Form College we offer wider range of subjects. For A Level and National Diploma courses the entry requirements are generally five GCSE grades 4 – 5 or above and for some subjects there may be additional specific GCSE requirements and require a G Score of 5.5 or above. To work out your G Score, please see below. You can also check our Course Information Guides under the subject tabs on this website for subject specific information and entry requirements.

We also offer a Level 2 Pathways program where students generally have some GCSEs at grades 4 – 3, here you can resit vital GCSEs in English and Maths alongside other Level 2 courses. Although, we know there will always be exceptions and we will look at each student as an individual. Contact us if you are not sure. We also offer Foundation Learning courses which are designed for 16-19 year olds to help them get back into education, training or employment.

Which course, which level?

Of course how well you do in school will determine the level of course you can choose at college. The better your GCSE grades, the higher the level at which you can enter the college. However, if you start college with low GCSE grades, you will still be able to join a course to suit you. When you successfully complete you will then have the opportunity to progress onto a higher level should you wish to do so.

Some students have a mixed programme of courses at levels two and three to suit their individual needs.

How to work out your G Score

Based on GCSE Grades only. Each grade is allocated a numerical value, these individual numbers are then added up and divided by the number of subjects.

For example, if your grades were as follows.

English Language 8 (8), English Literature 7 (7), Maths 6 (6), Science (Combined) 66 (12), Geography 5 (5), French 8 (8), Art 8 (8)

Total 54 divided by 8 (the number of subjects) – G Score of 6.75