Brain Day with Dr Guy Sutton

This month Stockton Sixth Form College was delighted to welcome Dr Guy Sutton into the college for a series of lectures known as Brain Day. He then led a lecture which was open to the general public as well as staff and students on the topic Is there a criminal brain?

Dr Guy Sutton is an expert in neuroscience and genetics. He is the Director and Founder of Medical Biology Interactive (MBI) and Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychiatry at the University of Nottingham.

Psychology & Criminology students attended the annual Brain Day event to explore a range of topics that both relate to their studies and also extend beyond the curriculum. The range of topics covered allowed students to discover areas they could potentially go on to specialise in later in their careers. One student said “It really opened my eyes to how broad Psychology and the future of neuroscience. It made me excited to think about extending my studies in the subject at university.”

Throughout the day students had the opportunity to combine their knowledge from the classroom whilst learning the new theory given by Dr Guy Sutton, learning about the complex components of the brain. Students learned about aspects of Psychology and aspects of Criminology beyond their A Level studies, they event got to take part in a discussion of degree level topics. The floor was open for students to ask any questions they might have about the brain and brain diseases that were discussed.

The second part of the session involved a dissection of a sheep’s brain. Dr Guy Sutton guided the students through the dissection and even allowed students to get involved too. Take a look at our gallery for an in depth look into parts of the brain.