Budding entrepreneurs support less fortunate

Students at Stockton Sixth Form College have raised over £600 to support entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Almost 40 students have been involved in the international Micro-Tyco business project, which gave them the opportunity to embrace entrepreneurial ideas and raise as much profit for charity from seed capital of just £1.

Micro-Tyco, led by charity WildHearts, is a month-long challenge which enables over 34,000 participants worldwide to learn and practice fundamental business principles in a ‘micro’ environment. The funds raised are invested in micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in 37 developing countries, enabling people to set up small businesses and work their way out of poverty.

Using their £1 wisely, students initially set up cake stalls around college to fund bigger projects such as car washing, henna painting and chocolate fountain stalls.

Of six college teams, one group, made up of first years Aminah Ayub, Hasina Hussein, Rhys Kidd, Azeem Mustafa and Demi Poppleton (pictured) managed to raise over £260 in just four weeks.

Sarah Murray, leader of the Micro-Tyco project in college, said: “Our students embraced the Micro-Tyco principles and set their heart on raising as much money for those less fortunate.

“It’s a difficult task making a vast profit from just £1 seed funding so we are extremely proud of their efforts.”

Hasina Hussein, an ex-Ian Ramsey Academy student, said: “We had to put our entrepreneurial skills to the test and raise money by thinking of original ideas to engage students. The experience was really worthwhile as the money we raised helps women build their own businesses, hopefully then enabling them to pull themselves out of poverty.”