Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: A Level
Chem Big -

Why study Chemistry?

  • I enjoy practical work and thrive on problem solving
  • I hope to apply for a science-based or otherwise competitive degree course at university
  • Chemistry develops valuable and marketable skills, including; logical thought, analysis, numeracy and communication.

What does the course consist of?

  • The course is made up of three units covering Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. You will cover a wide variety of material where the fundamental principles of Chemistry will be explained. Topics will include Atomic Structure and Bonding, Kinetics, Energetics, Equilibria, and Organic Chemistry
  • Practical work is linked closely to the theory, with the aim of developing understanding through ‘hands-on’ experience.

How is this course assessed?

  • Three two hour examinations at the end of the second year of the course.

What might this course lead on to?

  • A Level Chemistry is essential or highly desirable for degree courses such as Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Forensic Science, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering etc.
  • A good grade in Chemistry will also improve your prospects of gaining a place on many other highly competitive higher education courses such as Law, Accountancy, Engineering, Psychology and Physiotherapy
  • A wide range of careers in industry with high starting salary.
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