English Language

Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: A Level
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Why study English Language?

Why study English Language?

  • I want to know more about components of the English language – for instance, its grammar, vocabulary and sounds – and how we use it.
  • I want to find out about new aspects of English, such as how it varies and changes, the history of the language, and how children acquire speaking and writing skills.
  • I want to explore the power language can have to create meanings and influence people.
  • I enjoy analysing written, spoken and electronic texts.
  • I enjoy group work and contributing to discussions.
  • I want to develop my written English skills to a high level.
  • I welcome the chance to be assessed through coursework as well as final exams.

Course Overview

What does the course consist of?

Language, the individual and society
Textual variations and representations (analysis)
Children’s language development
Language diversity and change
The language of social groups and occupations
English as a world language
The history of English from 1600 to the present day
Change in language
Attitudes towards diversity and change
Language in action
Methods of linguistic research and analysis
Writing in different forms


Students who study A-level English Language go on to study a range of subjects at university, in addition to English Language, linguistics and other directly related courses. Universities will recognise your analytical skills and your ability to ‘decode’ many forms of English. Employers will value your writing skills and your accurate use of English. Careers that require a good understanding of the English Language include journalism, publishing, PR, media jobs, management, teaching – and many others!

What subjects go well with English Language?

Here at SSFC you have the opportunity to study a combination of three subjects. We recommend taking Sociology, History or English Literature as a good accompaniment to English Language. However, all our other subject offerings will complement the English Language well.

Entry requirements

As English Language is an essay-based subject, we require you to have a grade 4 or above in English.

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