Performing Arts

Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: BTEC Level 3
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Why study Performing Arts?

  • I enjoy performing
  • I want to develop my performance skills
  • I prefer a practical approach to studying
  • I am creative
  • I enjoy collaboration with others

What does the course consist of?

This exciting and varied course is often changed and tailored to the practitioners we have in any one year group. Topics can include: performance workshops, performing arts business, historical context of performance, musical theatre, classical, tap, jazz, street and contemporary dance techniques.

For a National Extended Certificate (equivalent to one A Level) students will complete 4 modules over 2 years. The course integrates the three art forms of dance, drama and music. Students will be expected to perform regularly to audiences and complete written assignments and log books.

A commitment to performances and rehearsals within and outside of College hours is important, as is the requirement to see professional productions regularly and take part in workshops.

How is this course assessed?

Each unit is assessed separately on its completion throughout the two years. Combinations of coursework, digitalised production diaries/log books, written reports, presentations and performances, will assess students’ work. It is essential that all students meet deadlines for work.

What might this course lead on to?

  • HE courses and careers in the performing arts sector and will develop essential skills across the three art forms thatare required more and more in the sector
  • Any course that demands creative, collaborative, interpersonal, organisational and leadership skills
  • Careers which demand excellent communications skills, the ability to work under pressure, the ability to work with others and flexibility.
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