Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: A Level
Sociology b -

Why study Sociology?

  • I want to understand the world and what makes people ‘tick’
  • I care about social problems like poverty, crime and domestic abuse
  • I want to develop outstanding skills for university & work.

What does the course consist of?

Sociology is the scientific study of society. Sociologists are interested in everything – from the small details of how we become human to big issues like inequality. The course consists of three units:

  • Socialisation, Culture & Identity with Families & Households What shapes our identity and how do we ‘become’ human? What part do families play?
  • Researching Social Inequalities, A fascinating look at just how unequal the world continues to be, in terms of money, gender, age and ethnicity. How can we explain inequality? But more importantly, how can we fix it?! Let’s be part of the change.
  • Globalisation & the Digital World, with Crime & Deviance An up-to-date look at the impact of social media on our lives and how global connections are changing society. How does this affect who commits crime and why?
  • Sociology lessons are fun! We have lots of discussions and debates, group activities, research projects, creativity and games and you’ll get a complete set of notes for each unit.

How is this course assessed?

  • By examination.

What might this course lead on to?

  • Higher education
  • Any career which involves working with people, good communication skills and the ability to understand ‘where people are coming from’ such as Teaching, Nursing, Journalism, Police and Probation Work, Social Work, Counselling, Politics, Human Resources, Law, Marketing and Business Management.
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