Meet our new Vice Principal

An ex-Ian Ramsey pupil, alumnus of Nottingham, teacher of History- Neil Skerry has recently taken the bold new step in his career. Having concluded an eight year tenure as Assistant Head at Conyers School, the Stockton native has taken the notable and vacant position of Vice Principal. He is no mere commodity to fill the gap- with twenty years teaching experience, Neil intends to create an ‘outstanding experience for ambitious Stockton students’.

In our discussion, I learned a lot about a progressive man not caught within typical conservative values. With the growing acceptance of apprenticeships, Neil has bestowed his best wishes for past and present Stockton students, and promises to aid future alumni in their endeavour for the ‘best universities’ and the ‘best apprenticeships’.

Neil, however, is not a blind optimistic. He knows that nowhere is perfect. He has a plan- a plan for Stockton Sixth Form. He intends to not be a staff member who sits in his office, in his own little bubble, blind to the comings-and-goings of college life. He will be an active member of the community. When he meets you, he will remember your name.

In our discussion, he prided himself on his extrovert personality. Confronted with a firm handshake, I felt comfortable in discussing with him matters of life, politics, and philosophy, and lest it not be forgotten, his progressive view on education.

This new educational doctrine: lessons for the students. Lessons which you, the students, want to attend. A Levels and BTECs to enthral, amaze, and inspire students.

He does not wish to be a clear black and white figure- he is an open book. Anthropomorphising himself at my questioning, he likened himself to a blender. He said brazenly his desire to ‘put everything together, mix it all up, and come out with something tasty,’ with a slight look of embarrassment when he realised I’d be putting that in this article.

A few things about Neil: he is a connoisseur of Lindt; an avid jogger, notably running the Great North Run for the past 5 years. A man who clearly has a great affinity for external activity is a symbol to look to for A Level students who are stressed during the current crunch time.

This is a bold new step in the direction of progress for Stockton education. Neil hopes for a ‘lively place, a strong community, and a good staff-student relationship.’.