Proposal to merge

  • Prior Pursglove College and Stockton Sixth Form College have been working closely for some time, sharing staff and support services and enabling both colleges to become stronger
  • Consideration has been given at a strategic level to further innovative solutions to enable both colleges to reach the highest possible standards whilst continuing to make cost savings
  • To this end, both Governing Bodies have agreed to conduct a comprehensive consultation around a proposal to merge. The consultation period will start on 17th September 2015
  • Subject to the outcome of consultation, the intention is that Joanna Bailey, currently Principal at Stockton Sixth Form College, will be appointed to the role of Principal of the merged college to oversee the strategic direction of both sites.

Margaret Hirst, Chair of Governors at Stockton Sixth Form College, said: “We have been working together with Prior Pursglove College for some time with great success, and have been actively considering how we can extend this work further.

“Both colleges aim to achieve the highest possible standards whilst continuing to make efficiencies – and we are committed to protecting their tradition and securing their viability and future prosperity.

“Central to this proposal is the retention of the current education provision in both boroughs; two centres with two very distinctive identities, underpinned by a common vision and efficient and effective business function.

“With regards to our students, it will be ‘business as usual’. Our expectations remain high and we are dedicated to ensuring their continued success. The only changes they will see will be positive; from being able to benefit from a wide range of subjects to accessing enrichment opportunities and trips and visits which may not have been viable with just one college.

“It has been a difficult educational landscape for a number of years and it must be recognised that some schools and colleges are not choosing structural solutions – we are. Our proactive approach shows just how enthusiastic both Governing Bodies and both management teams are about realising our joint vision.”

Public consultation meetings regarding this proposal will be held on Tuesday 22nd September from 5-7pm at Stockton Sixth Form College and on Wednesday 23rd September from 5-7pm at Prior Pursglove College.