Stockton Sixth Football Academy – Male Academy


Players will train up to 10 hours a week on our state-of-the-art £1million 3G stadium under the guidance of our expert coaching staff.

Our coaches are extremely qualified and experienced across a variety of levels of the game and are UEFA qualified to ensure the sessions are of maximum quality with our head coach Liam Cox being a former employee of The FA

“This program offers players a great opportunity to train at the highest level possible in the grassroots game and to strive to push their football journey as far as it can go whilst continuing to focus on their studies delivered by a college with a brilliant track record.”

Strength and conditioning

Our link with Teesside University allows us to get regular testing pre-season, mid-season, and post on a variety of physical outputs. This data and support from the experts at the University supporting our full programme then allow us to decide the best course of training for each individual throughout the season. Allowing players to keep this optimal physical training alongside their football-specific work with coaches each week provides a great balance to work on the player’s whole game.

Sports Therapy

We have a full-time sports therapist available at almost all training sessions and games meaning we have experts on hand to treat and best diagnose any injury taking place. Players can then expect if injured to provided a rehab program and be supported through this at each training session from the therapist on site.

We then additionally in our relationship with Teesside University have the ability to regular visit Teesside University and their sports therapy students and staff who will work with players either on assessing and supporting injury, rehab programmes, or sports massages on a regular basis to allow players to recover in the best way possible whilst physically competing at a high level.

Match analysis

All games played at the academy are filmed on our VEO camera meaning that not only do we have specific match analysis sessions within our squads each week to break down games and performances, but players can also watch the game back in their own team and focus on their individual performance and areas discussed with their coach that could potentially be improved upon. This is in line with players training and playing wearing playertek GPS technology allowing us to track their movements whilst playing given the opportunity to delve even deeper when analysing performance to implement improvements.

Stockton Town FC

The academy is delivered jointly between both Stockton Sixth Form College and Stockton Town Football Club which gives players the great opportunity to continue their education alongside their footballing careers.

Although there is no requirement to play for Stockton Town as part of the football academy if players are strong enough and there is a desire to do so they have a pathway into the football club across a multitude of areas. Our U18s thriving in the junior premier league playing across the North of the country feeding into our first team playing in the northern league Step 5 of the national pyramid. When playing in The FA Vase Final at Wembley our squad consisted of 70% of players who had progressed through the Stockton Towns youth system showing the commitment to the progression of youth into the first team.