Students honoured with award nomination

We are delighted to hear that one of our student films ‘Binbag Batman’ has been nominated for an award at the Royal Television Society Media Festival.

The event, which will take place next week at the University of Sunderland, invited students aged between 14 and 19 who have a passion for media to enter.
This event enables them to see their work shown on the big screen, have the opportunity to have their work seen by media professionals as well as the chance to see work produced by other young people in the region

The film follows Alfred, an old man, who lives a lonely existence in a suburban housing estate. He is extremely proud of his home and has become irritated by the behaviour of a group of teenage delinquents who seem set on ruining the area. He determines to do something about it. Working with the simplest materials, he fashions himself a superhero costume and sets out to ‘clean up’ the streets.

But his efforts (tidying up rubbish, helping old ladies across the road etc.) are met with derision by the youths who mercilessly taunt him. All except one: Alex, a schoolboy who himself has been ostracised and bullied by the gang. An unlikely partnership is formed -has Batman found a Robin?

The film is whimsical, comic and also touching in the tradition of Ken Loach (I Daniel Blake.) The writer (Ben Luke) and director (Chloe Rowe) were both nominated for last year’s Student Of The Year here at Stockton Sixth Form.

The film stars Alex Wiloughby, a Year 7 student from our neighbouring school, The Grangefield Academy.

We are delighted that the film has done so well. Well done to all students involved.

The most outstanding work will be recognised on the night and may even be awarded a Royal Television Society Certificate – something industry professionals dream of!

We wish them the best of luck.