Students support local food banks

Students at Stockton Sixth Form College have donated over 500 items to food banks in Middlesbrough and Billingham in the run up to Christmas.

The fundraising drive, which has captured the imagination of students across the college, started as an idea from Level 2 Enterprise and Employability students, who must devise a business idea which makes a profit or raises funds for charity as part of their course.

Since the project launched, students in different subjects have taken it upon themselves to donate funds and add extra items to their shopping in order to donate as much as possible to disadvantaged families through The Trussell Trust food bank scheme.

Second year student Tamar Rafferty spent £30 of her wages from a part-time job to donate enough food for a three-day emergency family package. She said: “When I thought about what my £30 wage would buy me, it seemed like such a waste compared to the huge suitcase packed full of food which I was able to donate. It was an easy decision to make.”

Sport students used an afternoon of their own time to collect spare change from staff and fellow students, raising £40 and purchasing a trolley-full of goods for the initiative.

Joanna Bailey, Principal at Stockton Sixth Form College, said: “Our students have shown tremendous charitable spirit throughout this term and especially now, as they donate much needed items to food banks in the local area.

“We hope their exceptional hard work makes a difference for local families this Christmas.”

In 2013-14, almost one million people were given emergency food and support from a food bank in the UK.