Summer 2017 CIC Programme

This summer, second year student Euan Lodge had the opportunity to travel to Joseph Chamberlain College in Birmingham for a week-long course surrounding global trade and economic systems.

Read about his experience here:

“The content of the course was very interesting, as I do not study economics at college, and all topics covered were new to me. I was able to interact and work with other students from around the country and Europe, who all had varying levels of experience with economics. For example, the couple who hosted me during my stay also hosted another member of the course originally from Lithuania, who was currently living in the Netherlands. To be able to meet such a wide variety of people was a genuine privilege.

“Jeff Woods, the course tutor, had incredible expertise in the field of economics, and spent his career teaching in universities around the world – mainly in the USA. Overall, the experience was incredibly useful, and I was able to develop not only my academic skills, but my social and travel skills also. I was an honour to be invited to attend!”