English Literature

English Literature Information Guide

Why study English Literature?

  • I enjoy reading challenging texts and exploring their deeper levels of meaning
  • I enjoy group work and contributing my ideas
  • I want to find out about the contexts in which different texts were written.

What does the course consist of?

  • Studying a selection of modern and pre-twentieth century novels, poetry and plays (including Shakespeare)
  • Reading a variety of literature from all periods to help develop literary analysis skills
  • Developing strong, independent, critical skills
  • Workshops, DVDs, independent study, essays and theatre visits
  • Much of the work is done by discussion in groups.

How is this course assessed?

  • By examination (80%) and a coursework element (20%).

H472/01 Drama and Poetry Pre – 1900
2 Hours 30 Minutes
Section 1 – Shakespeare
a) Twelfth Night extract Questions (15 Marks – AO1 and AO2)
Discuss Shakespeare’s use of language and dramatic effects in approximately 50 lines of the play.
b) Twelfth Night Debate question (15 marks – AO1 and AO5)
Debate an opinion showing your knowledge of the whole play.
Section 2 – Drama and Poetry Pre – 1900
Oscar Wilde An Ideal Husband and Christina Rossetti Selected Poems
Compare both texts while debating a view of literary theme (30 marks – AO1, AO3, AO4 and AO5)
H472/02 Comparative and Contextual Study
2 Hours 30 mins
The Gothic
Write a critical appreciation of an unseen gothic passage, relating your discussion to your reading of the Gothic (30 marks – A01, A02 and AO3)

Choose either (b) or (c). Discuss an opinion of he Gothic using The Bloody Chamber, Frankenstein and your wider knowledge of the genre (30 marks – AO1, AO3, AO4 and AO5)
H472/03 Close Reading and Comparison coursework portfolio
Task One – Close Reading.
Poetry Post – 1900
Choose one of the poems from an anthology and an accompanying question.
Write a 1000 word analysis of the poem making connections to three or four other poems from the collection. (15 marks – AO1 and AO2)
Task Two – Comparison
Drama Post 1900 and Prose Post 2000
Chose a prose text and an accompanying question.
Write a 2000 word comparison of the two texts. (25 marks – A01, AO2, AO3, AO4 and AO5)

What might this course lead on to?

  • Higher education
  • Any career which requires good communication skills and confidence – Journalism, Broadcasting, Publishing, Marketing, Teaching, Law, Media Management, Digital & Social Media and Theatre.