Further Maths

Further Maths Information Guide

Course Introduction

This course is a linear two-year course following the new AQA syllabus (7367).

Who is this course for?

Further Mathematics is an additional A Level qualification taken in addition to the Mathematics A Level. This is a highly challenging and highly regarded course. This qualification both broadens and deepens the mathematics covered in A Level Mathematics and, for someone who enjoys mathematics, it provides a challenge and a chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts.

Further Mathematics is designed to stretch and challenge able young mathematicians by introducing you to new techniques and concepts, such as complex numbers and matrices, as well as studying material from A Level Mathematics in greater depth.


Further Mathematics provides an excellent preparation for a wide range of university courses as well as being a versatile qualification that is well respected by employers. It gives you access to university to study a BSc in mathematics, sciences, engineering, economics, business or a range of analytical subjects including architecture.

Course Content

We will cover the following areas:
• Proof
• Complex Numbers
• Matrices
• Further Algebra and Functions
• Further Calculus
• Further Vectors
• Polar Co-ordinates
• Hyperbolic Functions
• Differential Equations
• Trigonometry
• Co-ordinate geometry
• Mechanics.


Written exams consisting of three papers each representing 33.3% of your total mark. There is no coursework element for this A Level.
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