Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care Information Guide

Course Introduction

Our society relies more and more upon our health and social care services with every passing year. To guarantee the future of our health service there will always be demand for individuals who want to dedicate their lives to helping others and this course will provide you with some of the knowledge and skills that are currently in high demand. The course is designed to provide a broad spectrum of key learning topics that help you progress into your chosen career in Health and Social Care.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for students who:
• Are interested in a career in Health & Social Care/Nursing/ Midwifery
• Wish to learn essential Health and Social Care skills
• Build a solid foundation of knowledge & transferable skills which can help them progress onto higher education in Health & Social Care related subjects.

Course Content

Extended Certificate (4 units over the 2 years)

Meeting Individual Care & Support Needs (Coursework)
Human Lifespan Development (Exam)
Working in Health and Social Care (Exam)
Supporting Individuals with additional needs (Coursework).

Diploma (8 units over the 2 years)

Enquiries into current research in Health and Social Care (External assessment)
Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care (Coursework)
Promoting Public Health (Coursework)
Physiological Disorders and their Care (Coursework)


This is a BTEC course which is the equivalent of one A Level (Extended Certificate) or two A Levels (Diploma). The course is assessed in two ways: through coursework portfolios and 90-minute formal examinations.

The exam papers are in both the extended certificate and the diploma are:
Unit 1: Human Lifespan Development
Unit 2: Working in Health & Social Care

For the diploma there will also be a controlled assessment: this is a planned piece of coursework that is written over the course of two days in formal examination conditions. The piece is based around current research in Health and Social Care.


The course is ideal for students interested in working within the vast Health & Social Care industry and is suited for all vocational aspirations in the sector, from nursing and midwifery
to counselling, social care and childcare work. It is a very useful qualification for those either wanting to progress into the sector straight away or for those who are looking to study further at university.