Mathematics Information Guide

Course Introduction

This course is a linear two-year course following the new AQA syllabus (7357)

Who is this course for?

Mathematics is the most fundamental way we make sense of the world. It is the product of our human desire for reason, logic and aesthetic beauty. Mathematics beyond GCSE is all about problem solving and proving. You will use key skills of logic, analysis, construction and generality, along with a great deal of algebra!

A Level Mathematics allows you to explore properties, patterns and relationships in a wide range of topics such as trigonometry, coordinate geometry, logarithms, functions, calculus and vectors, as well as seeing their application within the fields of statistics and mechanics. Students who love the subject and would like to study it in more depth should consider taking Further Mathematics as a second A Level.


Written exams consisting of three papers each representing 33.3% of your total mark. There is no coursework element for this A Level.

Course Content

Paper 1:
(Any content from)

Algebra & Functions
Coordinate geometry
Sequences & series
Exponentials & logarithms
Numerical methods.

Paper 2:
(Any from paper 1 plus)

Quantities & units in mechanics
Forces and Newton’s laws

Paper 3:

Statistical sampling
Data presentations and interpretation
Statistical distributions
Statistical hypothesis testing.


Studying Mathematics at A Level is a preferred subject for many degree courses, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computing, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Natural Sciences,
Economics and Accounting and is also respected by a vast array of employers globally. It is generally regarded as being essential for many jobs and or degrees.

Advanced level Mathematics is a challenging but fascinating and extremely rewarding course. It is a useful subject to study alongside many others as it develops your ability to think logically and solve problems.