Media Studies

Media Studies Information Guide

Course Introduction

Over the course of two years you will examine a wide range of different media forms including film, TV, print journalism, radio and online content. You will also, as part of the course, create your own products.

You will examine how the media works, how it constructs product to appeal to audiences, how audiences receive that product and how we can apply theory to it. As part of the qualification you will study a range of set products, from Channel 4’s Humans to the music videos of Beyoncé and Vance Joy.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at students with a real interest in the media. You will be knowledgeable about what’s going on in film and TV and in the news. You might even have created your own media product before. What you really need is a passion to examine the forms we media we take for granted in a much deeper way.

Course Content

This Eduqas Linear A Level has three components.
The first two are exam based and the third is a coursework unit.
The exams form 70% of your final mark and the coursework the remaining 30%.

Component One: Investigating the Media

Component Two: Investigating Media Forms and Products

Component Three: Media Production


Components One and Two are assessed through external exam
Component Three is coursework based.