Psychology Information Guide

Course Introduction

Studying psychology can open your eyes to understanding human behaviour, although we can’t promise it will give you the answer to life, the universe and everything!

At Stockton Sixth Form College, Psychology is one of the most popular subjects. Former Psychology students say that it is an extremely interesting, challenging and enjoyable subject to study. They also emphasise that despite being fun, there is a lot to learn and the subject requires commitment and hard work.

Who is this course for?

 Psychology is classified as a science and by studying

psychology with scientific methodology, students gain a broad

skill set that prepares them for higher education or a wide range

of potential careers. Skills include:

Research skills

Report writing

Essay writing

Numerical skills

Communication skills

… as well as an understanding of human behaviour.

Skills in Science, Numeracy, Literacy and English will provide a sound basis for progression to this qualification.

Course Content

Component 1:

Psychology Past to Present: Approaches in Psychology – A fascinating exploration of major psychological approaches to understanding behaviour: considering biology, thoughts, the unconscious, learning and positive psychology

Component 2:

Investigating Behaviour: Consider and apply the diverse research methods used by psychologists

Component 3:

Psychology – Implications in the real world: topics could include
Stress, Schizophrenia & Addiction.


3 x 2 ¼ hour written examinations, one for each component, at the end of 2 years.


A Level Psychology is a 2 year linear exam based qualification following the ‘WJEC EDQUAS’ specification.

Many of our students go on to study psychology at degree level leading to careers in clinical, educational and sport psychology.

The study of psychology is also relevant for a wide variety of careers including Social Work; Health Services; Teaching; Advertising; Criminology; Counselling and virtually any job involving people (or animals!)