Sociology Information Guide

Course Introduction

 If you are:

  • Interested in human behaviour
  • Curious about the world
  • Someone who likes debates
  • Good at subjects like English, History & RE
  • Thinking about a career involving people

…then Sociology is for you!

Sociology is a very popular subject, and lessons involve lots of debate, group work and discussions. You’ll be looking at issues such as: why is the world so unequal? How do we create our identities? What is happening to families and childhood in the 21st Century? What impact have digital technologies had on our lives and relationships? How should society deal with crime?

Course Content

OCR A Level Sociology is a 2 year course, and is assessed by

written exams only. There is no coursework option available.

We will cover the following units:

1a Socialisation, Culture & Identity

1b Families & Relationships

2a Research Methods

2b Researching Social Inequalities

3a Globalisation & the Digital Social World

3b Crime & Deviance



 Unit                                                                             Type of Assessment

1 Socialisation, Culture                                         90 minute written exam –

& Identity Families & Relationships                    set and marked by OCR


2 Understanding Social Inequalities                 135 minute written exam –

set and marked by OCR


3 Globalisation & the Digital                               135 minute written exam –

Social World Crime & Deviance                        set and marked by OCR


All exams are taken at the end of the second year



Careers – Sociology can lead to careers in social work, counselling, teaching, police, probation, Law, nursing, midwifery, journalism, PR, advertising, politics…in fact, anything that involves understanding people and society!

Skills – Sociology will teach you how to think, how to argue and how to understand and present information clearly. These are skills which all employers and universities want.