Computer Science

Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: A Level
Comp Sci b -

Why study Computer Science?

  • I want to learn computer programming skills
  • I want to understand how to design and test computer programs
  • I want to gain the mathematical insight into how a computer works on the inside.

What does the course consist of?

  • Decomposing problems and designing algorithms to provide solutions
  • Building software using a variety of programming languages and techniques
  • Examining and understanding hardware and software
  • Understanding how computers use mathematics to store and process instructions and data
  • Understanding the technicalities of networks, including the internet
  • Legislation, ethical, moral and cultural issues surrounding computer science.

How is this course assessed?

  • By examination and through a small coursework element.

What might this course lead on to?

  • Computer Science supports a wide range of careers and university courses including; Computer Science, Software Design, Business, Games and App Programming.
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