Applied Science

Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: BTEC Level 3
Applied Science b -

Why study Applied Science

Scientific developments help to shape our world and provide a huge range of employment opportunities. Forensics sheds light on how crimes are committed and how accidents can be investigated in a methodical and effective way. Material science provides an understanding of how materials behave and what uses they can be put to. Biomedical Science opens doors to careers in health care related industries, giving you the choice to follow your interests and realise your ambitions. Most importantly, science is an area that is continually changing, and a BTEC Applied Science course reflects these developments and allows you to keep pace with the exciting innovations that emerge from scientific study.

Course Overview

2-year course equivalent to an A level

Unit 1: Principles and Applications of Science

Unit 2: Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques

Unit 3: Science Investigation Skills

Unit 8: Physiology of Human Body Systems


Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Vaccine Production, Health Care Management, Construction Management, Education, Dentistry, Engineering, Geology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Radiographer, Occupational health, Environmental Science, Forensics and many more.

What subjects go well with Applied Science?

Here at SSFC you can study a combination of three subjects. There are two popular routes the Health/Sport Sciences and the Psychology/Social and Criminology route.

Health route which would include Health and Social Care, Sports and Biology.

Psychology route which would include Psychology, Criminology and Sociology.

Applied Science does work extremely well with other sciences and other courses not mentioned.

Entry requirements

Applied Science is building on the science learnt at GCSE therefore a grade 4 4 or over is required.


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