Media Studies

Course Duration: 2 years Course Level: A Level
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Why study this course?

  • I want to understand the media and its products
  • I want to develop a critical awareness of the society I live in
  • I want to get a job in the media industry or employment where media skills are essential.

What does this course involve?

  • The media plays an increasingly powerful role in today’s society, revolutionising our social interactions and exerting influence in every industry, from entertainment to international politics
  • The new linear A Level will involve the study of representation across a wide range of media, ranging from Channel 4’s Humans to music artists as diverse as Beyoncé and Dizzee Rascal. We will also look at advertising and news, examining how news organisations construct their messages for the public to consume
  • The course also involves exploring the rapid changes in media technology and how the online age has affected media products such as print and social media. In the world of ‘Fake News’ we will learn the skills and the theories we need to form our own opinion
  • The course is a lively and varied one that helps you develop skills in research, IT, analysis and critical thinking. You will also get to create your own media products using our industry standard software and custom-made media suite.

How will it be assessed?

  • 70% Examination
  • 30% Coursework.

Where will it lead to?

  • A wide range of higher education courses
  • Any career where analytical skills and creativity are valued.
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